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Prapti Panda is a sixteen-year-old historian and the author of upcoming archaeological thriller El Dorado: The Untold Story. She is also the co-author of Write India Stories (An anthology). Her fields of interest primarily include Mesoamerica and Pre-Hispanic civilizations, on which she has contributed a number of articles to various history websites.
When not typing away on her laptop, you can find her goofing around with the numerous animals she has adopted over the years.

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"Fourteen-year-old Prapti Panda, who wrote stories as a hobby during school vacations had never imagined that she would share the platform with the country's biggest writers."


"14-year-old Prapti Panda's story Clouded Skies left everyone wondering how could someone so young write on infidelity!"


"When 14-year-old Prapti’s story made it to the top for Write India on the theme of love and infidelity, the hobby of a schoolgirl became the stuff dreams are made of."



Every person has something that drives them, motivates them. For me, it is ancient history. There is something about the mysterious origins of the world that captivates me. From the first time I saw a picture of the Sphinx to now, I have had the honor and experience of researching various ancient civilizations spread across the world. Although Egypt and Mesopotamia succeeded in garnering my interest, it was Latin America that made me want to discover the roots of the world. I'm not especially beguiled by the Maya or the Incas or the Olmecs- It is the undiscovered and neglected civilizations that attract me. And I hope to bring to light ancient cultures that will tell the modern world stories that have never been heard before.



Tairona Civilization

Meet ancient Colombia's most determined, most elusive tribe. When the Spaniards sailed to the New World and toppled the Inca and the Maya empire without much trouble, the Tairona fought relentlessly for 75 years!

In Search of El Dorado

What drove Sir Walter Raleigh, courtier, knight and confidante of Queen Elizabeth I, to foray into the heart of the jungles of South America? What madness drove him to risk his life and honor? Read the article to find out more about Raleigh and his fatal hunt for El Dorado.