prapti_genevaPrapti Panda is a sixteen-year-old author and historian living in India. She is very passionate about archaeology and spends her days dreaming about long-lost settlements and faraway lands. Primarily interested in Mesoamerica and the Pre-Hispanic civilizations, she has published a number of articles on acclaimed history websites such as History Is Now Magazine and is a regular contributor to various other sites too.

Her passion is not limited only to the bygone eras- she is also a polyglot and has deep interest in studying human psychology. Although she’s an introvert and prefers burying herself in a good book all day, she loves interacting with animals. A big supporter of WWF and PETA, Prapti is well-known as a conservationist and animal rights activist. She is also an active member of Project Noah.

Prapti is also addicted to traveling: rocky beaches and centuries-old monuments draw her like a moth to a flame. When not typing away on her laptop, you can find her telling stories to the numerous dogs and cats she has rescued and adopted over the years.

To know more, read her interview with eminent Canadian author Erma Odrach here.