El Dorado: The Untold Story


A timeless legend -- A long-forgotten injustice -- A woman who never gave up
How far are you willing to go to pursue a legend?
Archaeologist Sarah Cimorelli is convinced of an unfair trial in Britain's sordid past- the misbegotten execution of Sir Walter Raleigh, explorer and courtier of Queen Elizabeth I. But when she stumbles upon his secret journal, she finds clues inside that could help her find one of the greatest treasures of mankind- El Dorado, the mythical city of gold. Assisted by the enigmatic David Walter-Leigh, she realises that she isn't alone in her quest to track down El Dorado- there are others who won't stop at anything to get their hands on the city's riches...

From the bustling streets of London to the untamed rainforests of Latin America, join Sarah as she pursues a centuries-old trail across the world's most difficult terrains.

Cover Image credit: Jack Zalium

Write India Stories (Anthology)


Includes: Clouded Skies, by Prapti Panda

A short suspense story of approximately 2500 words with an ending you'll never see coming...